Be a hero and donate today!



Your gift will change the lives of our students and will help to make the world a better place for all!

Your donation will help fund our female-founded, small business start-up!  With over 15 years of experience supporting student success in Higher Education, we help our students build on strengths, identify strategies, and meet academic and personal goals.  Our support services are unlike any others; we go above and beyond! We receive no government or foundation funding, and depend entirely on the fees of those who are able to pay for our Services; therefore, we must ask for your generosity. Be the hero who helps us achieve our mission of assisting students in maintaining access to college, accomplish their goals, and build the future of their dreams!

We are requesting to raise funds for the following items:

Scholarship funds–(most important!) financial assistance to ensure that low-income students have access to our Services.  Our goal is to never have to turn a student away due to their inability to pay our Fees.

Office location–currently our plan is to drive to our student’s colleges/universities or teleconference to facilitate our sessions; however, an office space would allow us to do so much more!  We hope to have a location where we could offer workshops and group activities to increase our students’ social opportunities.  Also, in the near future, we would like to be able to hire more learning & life coaches to assist even more students!

Office supplies–if we are so fortunate as to obtain a location from which to operate, we will need office supplies.

Marketing materials–this will help us get the word out about our important mission and Services!